Panama urges dialogue to prevail in Nicaragua

The vice president and chancellor Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado said on Thursday May 31 that they are closely following the situation in Nicaragua.

’’We are concerned," she said, while urging that violence not be resorted to and that the crisis be resolved as soon as possible through dialogue.

She indicated that through the Panamanian Embassy in Nicaragua, the government is getting information and hope that the dialogue will continue despite the setbacks it has had. "Certainly, we are worried," she reiterated.

The repression of the Government of Nicaragua against thousands of Nicaraguans who marched in Managua on Wednesday has left 15 dead and 199 injured, various sources said.

According to the reports in the newspapers, demonstrators were killed using "precision weapons and shots in the head". Other Nicaraguan medias reported that there were dozens of wounded, who were treated in hospitals and health posts throughout Nicaragua..