Health dept. warns of illicit products

Ministry of Health warns of ’illicit’ products that can cause skin burns

MINSA is warning the public that many products such as  antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antiseptics, creams, powders, gels and soaps may not be complying with  the sanitary norms, labeling and are not entered in the Panamanian sanitary registry

Such a product which has been affecting the population is called  "Lemonvate Cream".  This product is known to  cause burns to the skin to the point where people may require  medical attention.

Lisbeth Tristán de Brea, national director of Pharmacy and Drugs, said that the product was confiscated last January and that in February the company was fined. Minsa said in a statement that  "These products are considered illegal but are still being distributed illegally by unscrupulous persons,"  For these reasons, it has been stressed that people should not buy or use these products and should inform the authorities of the  vendors or distributors in Panama.