A march against Gay Marriage in Panama City

There is a march against gay marriage planned for 3:00 p.m. today (March 6th 2018) in Panama City. The march, lead by the Panamanian Alliance for life, leaves from the Carmen Church.

The march comes after a year in which Panama took some big steps towards equal rights. last year in March, a lawsuit was filed before the Supreme Court in support of gay marriage in the Republic of Panama. The lawsuit prompted public figures, including the Vice President, the First Lady, and the Attorney General to announce their support for LGBT rights.  

The first lady Lorena Castillo de Varela spoke openly about her support for equal rights in marriage in an interview with La Prensa, “Who are we to judge”. 

Same-sex marriage is likely to become legal in Panama soon with pressure from theInter-American Court of Human Rights. 

PanamaToday reported that Chancellor and Vice President of Panama Isabel De Saint Malo explained the opinions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on the recognition of gender identity and same-sex marriage "are binding". 

"The Panamanian Constitution enshrines non-discrimination, as in fact, this Court ruling has established, so we are sure that with this we can continue to advance even more in the agenda of equality and non-discrimination," said De Saint Malo. "Panama still has pending tasks in ensuring non-discrimination on all fronts and this is one of them," she added. As Panama takes steps towards equal rights, groups against gay marriage rally. 

Juan Francisco de la Guardia Brin president of the Alliance for Life said: "never in our history have we had such a great threat to the natural family as at this moment." The Panamanian Episcopal Conference, the Ecumenical Committee of Panama and the Evangelical Alliance of Panama are also openly against gay marriage. 

In an article with La Critica Ricardo Beteta, of the Association of New Men and Women, explain it’s just a matter of time before equality in civil marriage in Panama is a reality. There is just no other option, he added.