IMAX 3D theatre to premier Canal documentary

Panama City will soon be home to the second largest screen in the world, with the opening of the country’s first IMAX 3D theatre February 2018 in Miraflores. 

The first movie to show on the screen that will measure 15 meters high by 70 meters wide, will be the documentary "Panama Canal in 3D: A land divided, a world united", produced by Bijelonic. Actor Morgan Freeman was in Panama recently to complete the narration of this documentary about the Panama Canal.

This feature film about the Panama Canal includes a segment of the inauguration of the new locks that took place last year. Shooting began in 2013.

"When we shot the Original Canal (2013) with helicopters there was a 1,500-foot-high restriction. But the canal gave us unprecedented access to record over the locks just 5 meters (16 feet) above the water," said Bijelonic, in an exclusive interview with La Estrella Panamá.

When the film crew returned to Panama in 2016, helicopters were no longer needed. A drone was used with 3D camera to capture the new locks. "What's interesting here is that this technology did not exist in 2013. It's amazing how fast technology has advanced in this time.”

Bijelonic added that the postproduction and visual effects of this documentary were made in three countries.

The documentary is now finished. It is just waiting for the opening of the IMAX 3D theater in Miraflores, where it will be the world premiere, which Freeman will attend.