New Online Services From The National Migration Service of Panama

Monday, March 22, 2017, The National Migration Service of Panama (SNM) reported that it now offers service online. Services include requests for the pre-registration of foreigners and immigration status.

Starting this month, those seeking foreign residency can begin this process without having to go to the offices of the SNM. With this new system, applicants should only have to visit the SNM offices once, to make payment for their status. The website will also offer applicants an update on the status of their visa.

The new online service is part of a crack down on immigration in Panama. President Varela has announced that his administration will not allow the tourist permit to be abused. Earlier this year the tourist visa was decreased from 6 months to 90 days (3 months). Furthermore, any tourist who has been in Panama for 5 months or longer will now need to leave Panama for a minimum of one month before returning reported La Prensa.

The online system for pre-registering applicants aims to decrease the time the procedure takes in the SNM office by creating a system of data that can be shared starting from online registration.