Noriega in Critical Condition

Manuel Noriega, currently serving 20 year sentence for three murders committed during military dictatorship, is in critical condition after undergoing brain surgery, Tuesday March 7th 2017.

During procedure to remove a benign tumor, Noriega suffered a severe hemorrhage which leaves him in critical condition reported his
daughter Thats Noriega in a brief statement outside of the hospital.

Thays and Sandra Noriega explained that their 83-year-old father was returned to the operating room at the Santo Tomas public hospital in Panama City after doctors found bleeding following the operation.

Currently Noriega is in an induced coma, and will be reevaluated in 4 days.

Calls from the press to the hospital seeking a comment on his condition were not answered. Journalists stand outside the entrance of Santo Tomas awaiting news.