MOP Announces Projects

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has just released a summary of the road building projects that will be implemented/continued throughout Panama. The new infrastructure will including bridges, roads and pathways. Here they are classified by province:


1) Construction and widening of the road Pedregal - Gonzalillo (Panama Corredor Norte). Cost: $ 96.9 million. Length of 9.42 kilometers. It includes bridges, bikeway and exchangers.

2) Via New Mexico Central Caimitillo The Chungal in Chilibre. Cost: $ 5.3 million.

3) Rehabilitation of the superstructure and substructure of the Bridge of the Americas. Value: $ 80 million.

4) Master Plan for Road Construction Projects, studies, designs and construction works for preservation of historical heritage. Cost: $ 244.6 million.

Panama West

5) Construction of three vehicular bridges over the Potrero River, located in Burunga populated district of Arraiján areas. Cost: $ 1.5 million

Bocas del Toro

6) Road Rehabilitation Theobroma (Finca 30 and 31). Cost: $ 2.3 million. Length of 3.5 kilometers.

7) Channeling the Changuinola river and river dredging Berma (Finca 2 and 3). Cost: $ 8.3 million.

8) Encapsulation of Guarumo (Berma) Punta Peña River. Cost: $ 8.3 million

9) Design and construction of the road Almirante - Changuinola (old train route) and roads: Valle Risco - Nance Risco. Cost: $ 36.5 million


10) Rehabilitation of 33.15 kilometers of road in Puerto Armuelles Internal (former banana-growing area) Cost: $ 22.6 million. It includes construction of 17 road bridges over streams or channels, of which 13 will be located on the existing infrastructure along with four vehicular bridges over Cañazas, Chad, Palo Blanco and Medlar rivers.

11) Road Rehabilitation Cruces- St. Rita Cerro Colorado. 18.2 kilometers. Value: 10.1 million.

12) Road Paso Canoas-Puerto Armuelles. Cost: $ 114 million.

13) Rehabilitation of roads Tolé and San Lorenzo; a project consisting of eight roads and the design and construction of vehicular bridges. Cost: $ 15 million.

14) Expansion and rehabilitation of the road Panamericana Santiago -David 185 kilometers. Cost: One billion dollars. It includes expansion to four lanes from Santiago to David.

Ngäbe Bugle

15) Road Rehabilitation Cerro Sombrero - Chichica - Cerro Miel - Peña Blanca - Llano Tugrí. Cost: $ 16.3 million. Route: 31.2 kilometers.

16) Design and construction of the road that begins in San Felix to Hato Coriander. Extension: 18 kilometers. Investment: $ 12.6 million

Herrera and Los Santos

17) Rehabilitation of 22.63 kilometers of road Las Pipas - Llana Arriba - The Pitaloza - La Mesa. Amount: $ 13.8 million.


18) rehabilitation of 102 kilometers of Santa Fe Agua Fria-road - Yaviza. Cost: $ 148.7 million.

19) Improvement of Calzada del Camino Buena Vista Monterrico, Monterrico Monterrico-Barriales and -Santa Barbara - Trinidad. Cost: $ 6.6 million.

20) Construction of road Garachiné - Sambú- Camino La Colonia -Bayamón, branch of the old wall protection Garachiné. Cost: $ 21.2 million.


21) Design and construction of the road The Guabal - Rio Luis - Calovébora 36 kilometers north of the district of Santa Fe de Veraguas. Amount: $ 39.4 million