Darien suffers from illegal deforestation

Ecologists denounced yesterday that illegal deforestation in Darién is affecting more than 20 hectares.

Elivardo Membache , cacique of the Emberá Wounaan region, reported that they have already filed a complaint about illegal logging in the area, but the devastation continues.

Meanwhile, the ecologist from the province of Darién Ligia Arreaga stressed that trucks loaded with wood leave the mountains daily, which represents a risk to the forests of the ecological zone, which was declared a natural heritage of humanity by the Organization of Nations. United for Education, Science and Culture (Unesco, for its acronym in English).  The Darien is being logged without permission, confirming claims from  the indigenous and environmentalists.

Miambiente has processed 10 infractions related to irregular logging in the Darién. In one of the cases there was logging and timber acquiredd without the corresponding permits, affecting 25 hectare.  Most infractions are for logging and transporting outside the approved volumes. In total, the environmental entity has confiscated some 600 cubic meters of deforested wood without the corresponding paperwork..

According to the Environment Minister, Emilio Sempris , there are already complaints brought forth from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and he asked for support from the population in the denunciations.

Sempris pointed out that the confiscated wood  has been given to the penitentiary system, so that prisoners may make  furniture. Still he says "We are taking the right steps to eradicate this bad practice,"