Los Santos producers affected by dry season

Producers of coffee, meat, and milk in the province of Los Santos have said they are starting to feel the effects of the dry season.

Coffee producers have reported that plants are being scorched by the heat. The Ministry of Agricultural Development in Los Santos indicates that in the province there are 125 hectares of coffee plantations, in these plantations, there are four varieties of coffee. Coffee crops are distributed among 52 communities. These communities are located in the districts of Macaracas, Pedasí, Las Tablas and Guararé. 

Veterinarian and agricultural researcher, Pastor Moreno, said that environmental stress this summer is also affecting livestock sector of the region of Azuero. In dry season cattle in the Los Santos region can lose between 25% and 30% of their body weight due to dehydration, malnutrition and the constant high temperatures. 

In fact, the high temperatures can result in starvation as often in the heat animals stop eating. Research shows that cattle are negatively affected when the temperature rises above 25 degrees Celsius, which decreases the production of milk and meat.