The Race For Water Mission

A revolutionary ship, the Odyssey, set sail after spending several days in Panama to continue its journey around the world. The Odyssey is a catamaran, covered with solar panels. The ship is part of the "Race For Water foundation", which among other missions has been working on educating new generations about the impact of pollution in the oceans.

Scientists on board the Odyssey on its current expedition, lasting from 2017 until 2021 is developing research on plastic waste and the negative effect this waste can have on marine ecosystems.

The ecological catamaran traveled the Panama Canal, after touring 8,757 miles powered by solar energy, hydrogen, and wind. 

As part of the Odyssey 2017-2021 expedition, the ship will visit the Caribbean island of Bermuda, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Guadalupe,

The Race for Water Foundation joined forces with the transnational SUEZ Group and the Panama City’s Mayor’s Office to hold the event entitled ‘Residuos reciclados, océanos limpios’ (Recycled waste, clean oceans), with the aim of raising public awareness and disseminating solutions for preserving marine resources.

Mava Tesan, a communication officer for SUEZ Group said that its crew will allow ETIA technology to be used to generate energy from waste recycling,

The scientists in the expedition are developing four research programs during their journey related to the presence of plastic waste in the oceans, its degradation, toxicity and negative effects on marine ecosystems, in addition to studying sea plankton.

The Race for Water vessel, which marks its second journey around the world (previously named Planet Solar boat), has a laboratory, workstations, and areas for taking water samples, facilitating the work of the 15 crew members headed by the foundation president, Marco Simeoni.