Illegal logger in La Amistad National Park detained

Over the weekend a citizen's complaint alerted the National Police of Volcan, Chiriqui, about illegal logging occurring in La Amistad International Park. Authorities inspected the area detaining one person.

Upon arriving authorities reported that the illegal logging was taking place in the protected area, catching one of the perpetrators in the act. Police have arrested this person for illegal logging in La Amistad Park in Chiriquí and continue to look for others involved.

Ecological police and personnel from the Ministry of Environment continue their investigations in the area. The park is currently recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site of Humanity. This is due to the importance and diversity of the park's many ecosystems.

Earlier this year the park’s UNESCO status was threatened due to a lack of environmental plans to mitigate negative effects on the park. However, Panama and Costa Rica, the two countries the park straddles, managed to work together to create a plan for the environmental protection of La Amistad International Park. After these plans were presented to the UNESCO committee it was decided that the park would hold on to the decorated status for another year.

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Panama’s Forestry law prohibits logging and trade in timber from protected areas and conservation sites. However, last August over 200 pieces of lumber were harvested illegally from La Amistad International Park.