Plastic Bottle Village in Bocas

Canadian Robert Bezeau is the owner and creator of a innovative Bocas eco-friendly real estate project called the Plastic bottle Village. Robert spearheaded the Bocas recycling program in 2012, making a positive change on island.

What was interesting to Robert is the recycled materials being removed from the garbage, and saved from being burned or buried in the only one landfill. He estimates  over 1 million bottles were accumulated, in just one and a half years. With this in mind Robert created the Village.

The Village is designed to take advantage to the recycled good, particularly plastic bottles, which are surprisingly good building blocks. The community will consist of around 120 homes/lots, as well as a small boutique, eco-lodge, that will mesh with the community’s fruit, vegetable, and herb garden.

Utilizing recycled plastic bottles as the main insulation inside of its concrete walls, this style of home building is definitely a green approach. While some might be skeptical of a house built from plastic bottles the homes are earthquake resistant, very cool in temperature, and sturdy.

Roberts goal is to educate people about creative and useful ways to reuse plastic bottles on large scale. He aims to hep create a Bocas Del Toro that visitors can remember as pristine, having seeing people working together to keep the planet clean and green.