La Gloria Waterfall in Capira

Little known, even by Capira residents themselves, sits a forgotten yet heavenly tourist destination. Waterfall La Gloria opens her doors to show unparalleled natural wealth, captivating us immediately and inviting us to explore.

It’s a mountainous site, located between green peeks with fresh rainy weather for most of the year, and source of several rivers and brooks that irrigate the region.The surrounding village is small, but rich in the industriousness of its people, not to mention, it’s history, stories and traditions. Among the simple houses made out of wood time seems to stop.

It was here Spanish colonizers found themselves overwhelmed by all the discoveries in the new world. It was here in the middle of such a diverse environment, that homesickness was mitigated modifying the territory. The Spanish were the first visitors to this beautiful site.

These trails remember the enormous feat by Gonzalo de Badajoz along with 80 others, who wandered through this territory seeking a place for idle soldiers. Together. with friars and chroniclers, and haunting golden stories they explored.

Today the reality is very different here, people are completely dedicated to agricultural activities, and by mean of harvesting their products they manage to escape from a world of materialism.

For this people of this community few things change, and although this implies ephemeral and forgettable taste, some of these tendencies are welcomed. Good hospitality is one of these tendencies. With community tourism in mind, these mountain villages welcome curious people, seeking a good weather,  natural environment and mainly the kindness of its people.

“We have lots of resources in our land that can be used: our weather, our woods and above all our waterfall that offers the opportunity of enjoying a good swim and an unforgettable time.” - Anival Ovalle.

Little information exists regarding the sites of La Gloria, the lack of resources making them almost invisible; Untapped by government authorities and tourism boards, the residents rarely see an influx of tourist.
Many people simply stumble upon it’s beauty by passing through, down a lonely road, or more frequently by a word of mouth recommendation. However, with the desire to seek out and discover new places becoming  alternative goal for travel, the opportunity to explore something different exist for those who seek it.

Its history, woods, gardens, harvest and even hearing about folktales like ‘La Tulivieja’ or ‘Las Brujas’ (the witches) from local residents are among it’s allures.

Anibal Ovalle, owner of some of the farms in the community of La Gloria , kindly opens a space to the public. He together with his wife and children guide visitors to the waterfall, the most visited tourist spot in town.
Visitors can enjoy several outdoor activities, from hike or horse riding through trails to casual walks through the woods, enjoying nature.  The area large and is ideal for group camping activities.

Currently, La Gloria brook is the ending point of the hike, this is where nature shows off, with an impressive waterfall approx. 75 meters high! This is the spot to take it all in, the beautiful environment and rushing falls get lost between the rocky grounds, which have been aged by time. It is without a doubt, that it is due to solitary and seclusion that this area has managed to preserve its hydric resource, woods and a vast variety of wildlife including snakes, butterflies and several surprising mammals.

This is a place to enjoy an experience worlds apart from the city life, this is a place to escape from routine.