Panama's Newest Resident

A young Harpy Eagle named “Panama” will arrive on the isthmus on June 17th…provided she makes her American Airlines flight. “Panama” was born at the Metro Zoo in Miami in September of 2009. At 3 years and 7 months she will be the youngest Harpy at her new residence, the Municipal Summit Park. The park has had four Harpies, but all of them have since reached adulthood. Harpies generally live to about 40 years old. "Cheyenne", the oldest at the park passed away last year at the age of 51. Since endangered species cannot be donated, given as gifts or sold, “Panama” will come to us on loan. The main goal of the female Harpy’s vacation to Panama will be for her to find a mate.

Harpies mate for life and since parents stay with their kin until they reach adulthood, only two eggs are laid each time they reproduce. Harpy eagles are extremely endangered; the hope is that “Panama” will be able reproduce for the next 8 years, increasing the population. While the country has yet to find "Panama" a boyfriend, the seach will continue. In exchange for a male Harpy the Summit will offer a Puma or Tapir on loan.

Since “Panama” was born in captivity she is very comfortable with humans. Her caretakers describe her as a friendly and flirtatious bird.

We wish “Panama” a warm welcome to her new home…Panama!

Information & Photo from La Estrella