Tropigas announces 25lb gas tank shortage in Panama

PetroPort company, importer and supplier of Tropigas, announced a shortage in Panama of the 25-pound gas tank, due to a lack of inventory starting October 6th 2022.

La Prensa reported Tuesday October 4th that the National Government has been subsidizing the sale of the 25-pound gas tank, sold for B/.4.37. 

"Out of respect for public opinion, our employees, customers, suppliers and society in general, we inform the country about the imminent shortage of the population’s 25-pound gas tank,"

the company said in a statement, details the following:

• As we reported in the press release on September 21, the National Government maintains a debt with the industry that reaches US$ 65 million.

• The Budget Commission of the National Assembly of Deputies approved to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) five transfers of items for a total amount of B/.114,297,140.00, of which an amount in the amount of US$60 million would reinforce the item corresponding to the subsidy of the gas tank.

• We appreciate the efforts of President Laurentino Cortizo; Vice President Gabriel Carrizo, Minister Héctor Alexander; and the Budget Commission of the National Assembly in approving said transfer of $60 million, to partially pay the debt caused by the non-payment of the obligations of the National Government for the subsidy of the gas tank, which the industry canceled in advance to international providers.

• The agreement reached with the National Government establishes an expedited cancellation of said amount due to the magnitude of the accumulated debt. However, to date the debt has not been paid, which limits our operating capacity and makes supplying the population unfeasible.

• We have timely notified the National Secretary of Energy of the status of the Butane gas inventory in the National Strategic Reserve. We estimate that as of October 6 there will be a shortage of the 25-lb. gas tank. It will be the first time in the grant’s 30-year history that there will be a stockout of the 25-pound gas tank.

• Our commitment has always been to maintain a safe, reliable and uninterrupted supply to the country, aware of the importance of this essential product for the Panamanian people. However, we have exhausted all instances with the State institutions.

 The sale price without this state contribution would be B/.16.63.