The Pan American Surfing Games in Playa Venao

The Pan American Surfing Games held this year in Playa Venao came to an end Saturday, August 13, with Panamanian Jean Carlos González bringing home the Silver Medal in the men’s open category.

This was the fifteenth edition of the Pan American Surfing Games of the Pan American Surfing Association (PASA) with individual categories SUP, SUP Surf, Longboard, and Open Races, for both men and women. 

The Open Men category started after the SUP finals at the PASA Games Panama 2022, with the first perfect wave of the event by Deivid Silva from Brazil.

In addition to the perfect 10, Silva added a wave of 9.00 points for a total sum of 19.00 points out of a possible 20 in his Heat. With this impressive score, he beat Carlos Pérez from Venezuela (9.13 points) who advanced in the second position to Round 2. 

Another highlight in the category was San Carlos local Tao Rodríguez from Panama with a total of 15.27 points and Joaquín del Castillo from Peru with 15.16.

Representing Panama, Jean Carlos González put on the best performance of the day in Round 2 and the quarterfinals of the Open category. 

"González used his local knowledge to take advantage of the best waves of his Heat, to add a total score of 16.06 points, against 13.74 points from Deivid Silva from Brazil, 13.4 from Malakai Martínez from Costa Rica and 6.94 from Tomás Tudela from Peru." 

This advanced him to the Quarterfinal Heat and is with Tao Rogríguez in the Semifinals.

The event, allows athletes in each individual division to add points to the general standings of the countries represented. Panama placed 6th out of 17 countries present. 

Brazil took the top and the title of Champions of the Americas 2022, with 15195 points. 

In second place in the ranking was Peru with 12,017 points, in the third position was Argentina with 11,055 points and fourth was Mexico with 9,285 points.

In the Women’s Open, Sophia Medina of Brazil was crowned Women’s Open Pan American Champion 2022.

The Bronze Medal was won by Dominc Barona from Ecuador with 10.7 points and the Copper Medal was won by Daniella Rosas from Peru with 10.03 points.

In the Men’s Open, the Gold Medal and the new Pan American Champion is Mateus Sena from Brazil with a total of 13.76 points in the grand final.

The Silver Medal was won by Jean Carlos González from Panama with 13.40 points.

The Bronze Medal went to Lucca Mesinas from Peru with 13.37 points.

Miguel Tudela, also from Peru, won the Copper Medal by adding a total of 12.03 points.

In the Longboard category, Brazilian Chloé Calmon defended her 2018 Pan American Champion, winning the Women’s Longboard Gold Medal. 

In second place and with the Silver Medal, Atalanta Batista also from Brazil scored a total of 9.73 points in the final.

In third place and with the Bronze Medal Camila Kaspar from Peru, scored a total 7.67.

And in the fourth position, the Copper Medal went to Coco Bonilla from Mexico with a score of 7.23 in the grand final.

With the last lights of the day, the Men’s Longboard Final was run, where the Gold Medal was won by Jefson Silva from Brazil, with a total score of 13.26.

The Silver Medal was won by Rodrigo Sphaier, also from Brazil, who scored a total of 12.20 points.

Nacho Pignataro from Uruguay closed in third place to take the Bronze Medal by scoring 9.97 points.

And the Copper Medal went to Julian Schweizer from Uruguay, with a total score of 9.27.

On this penultimate day of the PASA Games Panama 2022, the Round 2 and quarterfinals of the Open categories were also held, for both men and women.

The best of the day in the Men’s Open category was surfer Jean Carlos González from Panama, 2013 World Runner-up.

For a full list of finalists visit the official website of the Pan American Surfing Games here. 

See rankings by country here.