Panama to eliminate 98 thousand hectares of protected land

Right now the Ministry of the Environment in Panama is formalizing the first of several land reductions in protected areas throughout Panama. The reduction is in the already at-risk area of Donoso.

June 3, 2022. The Center for Environmental Advocacy (CIAM) reported that environmental and social organizations warned against the measure. Stating that it did not "evaluate the impact on the biodiversity and conservation objectives of Donoso", and that it is in "direct collision with previous decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice".

The final proposal comes, Wednesday, June 8, when the public consultation ends. The date which coincides with World Oceans Day will bring the elimination of 47% of the surface of the protected area, almost 98 thousand hectares.

CIAM explains that the no-longer protected zone will turn the Donoso-protected area into "an amorphous polygon that does not guarantee the connectivity of the forests." They continue "The decision lacks an assessment of the impacts that the migration routes of the species may suffer."

The protected land reduction is not only a risk to the biodiversity of Donoso, which is part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, but it is also a  threat to the entire National System of Protected Areas that covers more than 30% of the national territory.

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This information was released by The Center for Environmental Advocacy,  to read the original release "protected areas in danger" on their website click here. 

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