Yappy offers new banking solutions in Panama

Yappy Commercial, the leading digital payment platform in Panama recently launched some changes that will allow its users even more control of in the area of managing finances.

With the aim of helping small businesses thrive, the Yappy app, will now offer it’s users a complete picture of business sales, with details of dates and volumes. The additional information which is important data to have when making strategic decisions, aiding entrepreneurs in Panama. 

Some of the new Yappy features: 

1. You will be able to see the detail of each payment by Yappy, as well as a graph of sales by Yappy for this week compared to the previous one.

2. Access may be given to partners or cashiers so that they can check in the Yappy Commercial app that payment has been received from business customers.

3. QR codes can be generated for each transaction. And if the business has a website, the Payment Button can be integrated, which is a good option for remote transactions.

Register at yappy.com.pa, if you have a personal account with Banco General today.