Bocas Bali a Luxury private island resort in Panama

Bocas Bali is an adults-only resort located in Bocas del Toro Panama on Kupu-Kupu -- borrowed from the Indonesian word for butterfly -- a 90 feet long and 20 feet wide beach.

CNN travel writes "Sixteen luxurious overwater villas on a private island in the Caribbean Sea. A 70-foot freshwater pool and spa. An enviable commitment to sustainability thanks to the exclusively solar-powered." 

The resort has been promoted as an off-grid luxury resort but according to Bocas Bali owner Dan Behm, Bocas Bali is also the "world’s first aerial beach."

Behm, told CNN travel much consideration was taken when designing the structure. Green quartz-tiled stairs offer access to the waters below, where guests can go snorkeling and kayaking, among other non-motorized water sports. 

"When we were first introduced to the private island I needed a little convincing to see past the absence of a white sand beach, but the island had everything else and some things I didn’t even know I wanted, so we started to think about how we could construct a beach that looked to be part of the island without any negative impact to the mangroves, coral or surrounding sea life," he tells CNN Travel via email.


The initial design was developed by an architect from Costa Rica named, Andres Brenes. 

A design of an "ariel beach" is different than a floating beach (where the beach is built directly on top of the water) which, Behm explains, in this case, would have damaged the mangrove ecosystems. 

About the resort

Bocas Bali opened in September of 2021.

Set on Panama’s Frangipani Island the resort is made up of 16 stilted villas, that were crafted in Bali and then shipped to Panama. With rates starting at $1,100/ night think luxury. Private pools and glass floors. 

Bocas Bali, Frangipani Island, Bocas Del Toro, Panama; +507 838 8362

SOURCE CNN Travel Luxury private island resort in Panama reveals new ’aerial’ beach