Oil Spill in Balboa Panama

The Panama Maritime Authority reported that 5 barrels of oil spilled in the Balboa area of Panama, Friday, January 21st, 2022. According to the AMPs statement Tuesday, the cleanup is underway

"The cleanup of a spill of five barrels of fuel oil in the Balboa area is underway the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) confirmed on Tuesday." (Newsroom, Panama). 

According to the AMP,  Panama Oil Terminals indicated a crack had been detected in the line and that the necessary repairs were being carried out.

The Department of Prevention and Control of Pollution of the General Directorate of Ports and Auxiliary Maritime Industries of the AMP explained:

“It was observed that the contamination event covered areas of piers 7 and 8 in Balboa, additionally, three certified companies with an operating license for spill cleanup were contacted that could immediately attend to the work”