35 NGOs reject the new Minera Panamá contract

35 environmental, scientific, human rights organizations formally rejected the signing of a new contract with Minera Panamá, SA, a contract the Chamber of Commerce described as a “positive” step.

Wednesday, January 19, the announcement came that a new contract will be signed between the administration of President Laurentino Cortizo and the company Minera Panamá, SA. The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) described the  agreement as a "positive step." 

"With this act, the national government once again avoids holding a public tender and betrays its responsibility to Panamanians and our natural wealth," said the representatives of the unions and organizations.

Cciap, meanwhile, considered the negotiation a positive step as it ensures peace of mind for the most important private investment in the country and reaffirms "Panama’s position as a safe investment port." The The negotiations demand a minimum payment of 375 million dollars a year, based on a royalty of 12% to 16% of the gross profit from the mining activity. (LAPRENSA) 

The environmentalists’ statement comes a day after Cortizo announced the end of negotiations with the mining company.

The Movement Panama is Worth More Without Mining, which expressed its rejection of the future signing of a new contract. It is composed of:

1. Adopt Forest

2. Friends of Santa Fe National Park

3. Friends of La Amistad International Park

4. Association of Teachers of the Republic of Panama

5. Association of Veragüense Educators

6. Union of Democratic Educators of Panama / Citizen Power

7. Social Training Center

8. Environmental Advocacy Center

9. International Coalition of Women and Families

10. Ecological Voices Collective

11. College of Biologists of Panama

12. College of Sociology and Social Sciences of Panama

13. Consultative Council of the Basin / Youth for the Environment and the Canal Basin

14. Coordinator for the Defense of Lands and Waters of Coclé

15. Coordinator for the Defense of Natural Resources and Rights of the Ngäbe Buglé People and


16. Let’s take care of Panama

17. School of Biology of the University of Panama and the Regional University Center of Coclé

18. Cerro Cara Iguana Foundation

19. Foundation for Comprehensive Community Development and Conservation of Ecosystems of Panama / National Network in Defense of Water

20. Foundation for the Protection of the Sea

21. Foundation for the Conservation of Panamanian Primates

22. San Jose Verde Foundation

23. Santeño Front against Mining

24. Guardians of the Copper River OBC

25. La Nueve / National Network in Defense of Water

26. Critical Mass - Antonym

27. People’s Democratic Movement

28. Movement My Sea

29. Pro-Rescue Movement of AECHI

30. Victorian Lawrence Movement

31. Panamanian Observatory of Environment and Society

32. Citizen Power

33. National Network in Defense of Water

34. Panama Audubon Society

35. Panamanian Society of Public Health