New requirements for travellers flying to Panama

Panama announced fully vaccinated travelers entering Panama can circulate freely without quarantine by presenting a single negative test upon entry, starting Monday, July 26th, 2021.

NOTE: Before traveling to Panama it is important to check that this information is valid and pertains to the country you are traveling from. Several countries are considered "high risk" countries, and visitors still need to test at the airport and quarantine for 3 days upon the arrival. Be sure to check with your airline, and embassy before traveling, so you have valid and correct information based on your exit point. 

Fully vaccinated travelers arriving in Panama will still have to upload a negative Covid-19 test (antigen or PCR) in the health affidavit taken within 72 hours of entering Panama. However, those arriving from countries that are not high risk (*coming from countries that are not high risk) who comply with the complete vaccination schedule, the physical document, and the negative test within the 72 hours limit, will not have to take a second test at the airport. 

* Previously, Minsa identified India, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and South America as high-risk countries or regions.

Entry requirements for Panama as of Monday, July 26th, 2021

- Upload vaccination records in the digital health affidavit before traveling and present a physical copy. 

Panama’s digital health affidavit can be accessed here  - 

- The passenger’s vaccination card must indicate that they received the second dose of the Covid-19 immunization at least 14 days before arriving in Panama. 

- A negative Covid-19 test (antigen or PCR) in the health affidavit no more than 72 hours before entering Panama.

- Upon arrival, you must present the negative test at the air, sea, or land checkpoint.