Miambiente suspends tourist access to Venas Azules in Portobelo

The Ministry of the Environment (Miambiente) announced they would suspend tourist activities in Venas Azules Portobelo due to ecological damage caused by human activities.

In a statement, Miambiente specified that the restrictions applied to Venas Azules would also be applied to another area know as Túnel del Amor, a system of mangroves located in the Portobelo National Park.

The regional director of Miambiente, Griselda Martínez, spoke to the decision as a result of "uncontrolled tourism."

“As we know, Venas Azules is within a protected area. Allowing tourism within this area has had a negative impact on the fauna of the area."

For example, dead starfish have appeared, a result of being taken out of their habitat for pictures, ”
Martínez explained in a statement.

Environmental authorities reported that the suspension of use does not apply to coastal sites such as Playa Huertas, Puerto Francés, Playa Blanca, La Guaira, Isla Grande, and Juan Gallego that are still open to the public

La Prensa writes in the article "Miambiente suspends use of two tourist areas in Portobelo after ecological damage."

"Miambiente reiterates the importance of reactivating the economy through internal tourism, but as a watchdog to guarantee the conservation of these protected areas, it asks visitors and tourism service operators to comply with good practices to protect these places."