Panama World Ocean Day 2021

Panama celebrated World Ocean Day 2021 by creating a policy to protect Panama’s ocean diversity. on World Ocean Day, a decree was signed to triple the size of Coiba’s marine protected area.

Panama committed to the 30×30 movement joining a growing list of countries that are protecting at least 30 percent of national waters before 2030. 

"The expansion of the marine protected area of Coiba demonstrates the clear and strong commitment of Panama to ocean conservation, and at the same time, reinforces the role of the country in the fight against climate change." 
 Milciades Concepción

- Panama’s Minister of Environment

Panama has committed to expanding the Cordillera de Coiba which will create the opportunity for ecosystems to replenish. Coiba is part of the larger Eastern Tropical Pacific (ETP) Seascape and is a crucial area for migratory species like hammerhead and whale sharks. 

These species along with sea turtles, whales, and dolphins know no borders so it’s important our neighbors do their part to protect these species and vital marine resources. 

Sign the petition urging Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Colombia to join Panama in establishing the world’s first multinational network of marine protected areas. 

Help establish the world’s first multinational network of marine protected areas - click here.