Panama and the Covid Vaccine

Panama will receive 40,000 doses of the covid vaccine from the pharmaceutical duo Pfizer and BioNTech, which will arrive in the country between January 18 and 25 said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Telemetro reported Monday, January 4th that Panama has a commitment of 450,000 (doses) for the first quarter of the year. Vaccines will be arriving every week, "said the minister of finance to Telemetro. It was also emphasized that payment of $6 million for the purchase of the vaccines was made on time, however, the Minister said that the contract with Pfizer could not be published.

"The contract has the terms that they want to protect for their own commercial dealings with other countries and that is why we cannot publish, "unless we have the authorization," she said.

At Monday’s press conference, the Foreign Minister said that Panama has purchased 5.5 million doses for almost 3 million Panamanians, who would be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Mouynes confirmed that the country has a structured schedule that allows, progressively, to receive vaccines "from different manufacturers with whom we have negotiated, in a staggered manner according to a planned vaccination plan."