Beaches in Panama will open with restrictions

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, has still not given a date for reopening Panama’s beaches. What he has said is that when they do open, there will be a list of restrictions in place.

The ministry of Health was asked to analyze the issue of reopening beaches and the quarantine on Sundays, following the opening of Cinemas, theaters, casinos and swimming pools. In response, Sucre stated "information on the date for the reopening of the beaches in the country will be given soon."

He added, "If the beaches are going to be opened, they are not going to allow rides or busses or large buses. He stressed that use of the beaches will be within the family nucleus and there may not be groups larger than seven people He also made it clear that liquor or the sale of food or alcoholic beverages would not be allowed.

"Liquor and food have to be properly dispensed in places of commerce, such as restaurants, inns or hotels," the minister explained on TVN Noticias .

"This, unless they have brought food and eat it in their family bubble," he added.

Another point about masks he made was that they would not be required in a "family bubble" but would be while "moving around in public." 

Sucre said that they have been cautious on this issue since most of the countries that opened the beaches at the time have had to take restrictive measures again.