Business Association seeks coherence in Panama’s quarantine measures

The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (Apede) spoke out seeking a more cohesive economic reactivation in Panama asking for "scientific and logical support" in the measures adopted.

The union’s plea comes on the eve of the reopening of activities that were closed for more than six months due to restrictions to control the advance of Covid-19. 

Among the sectors that will operate again from this Monday, October 12, are hotels, tourist activities, cinemas, casinos, among others.

Among those that will not are reopen due to covid-19 are Panama’s beaches. Total quarantine will also remain on Sundays.

The association wrote: 

“It is inconsistent that tourist activities, hotels and resorts are reactivated, but not its beaches, one of the strong attractions that the country has. A surprising and questionable decision, when hotels that have this attraction already have previously sold packages and, however, their clients will not be able to use their beaches ”, says Apede.

The message continues, after a long confinement it is decided to maintain a day of total quarantine -Sunday-,  this prevents an effective opening of tourism.

On the other hand, the business union warns that there are actions that generate uncertainty in the logistics and maritime sector.

"The restrictions imposed on the issuance of new licenses for auxiliary maritime industries and a moratorium on the entry of new floating equipment, rather than protecting the local industry, make the maritime sector less competitive by not allowing companies to update and renew their equipment."

Another aspect that Apede highlighted is that seven months have passed, without paying state suppliers, which represents an effective way to reactivate the economy.

In addition, transparency, speed of execution and communication of the Plan for Economic Recovery is required.