International travel to Panama to begin October 12

International travel to Panama will reopen October 12th 2020 according to he Civil Aviation Authority (AAC).

 all passengers and airlines with no exceptions will need to follow established protocols of The Ministry of Health (Minsa). These guidelines written in resolution No. 766 of August 13, 2020 establish sanitary measures for entering Panama. 

Among the sanitary measures is the presentation to the airline of the test certificate of swab / PCR or negative antigens with a maximum of 96 hours, prior to boarding the flight from the country of origin. This was originally 48 hours but the timeline was then extended. 

Passengers must also sign an affidavit, provided by the airline, through which he undertakes to comply with the sanitary control measures and the use of the application to monitor the appearance of symptoms.

The Executive Decree also states anyone arriving in Panama without a Certificate of Swab Tests / PCR or negative antigen, will be obligated to perform a rapid test (paid by the traveler).  If the rapid test result is negative, you can continue you without a mandatory isolation. However, if the swab / PCR or antigen test is positive, the traveller will be subject to a mandatory isolation in a hospital hotel designated by the Ministry of Health. After seven days an antigen test will be performed, if it is positive, the traveller will be subject to the full 14-day isolation. If it is negative, the isolation will end.