Panama opens ’controlled’ international flights for residents and nationals

Friday, August 14, will bring a partial reopening for international flights in Panama following five months of restricted travel in Panama.

The government of Panama issued a decree, which states that the Tocumen airport, will open to citizens of and foreign residents of Panama. For those entering the country a self-isolation period of 14 days is required. At the same time, Panama will become a humanitarian hub, with flight from 1 destinations including Miami, New York, Washington and Mexico City, in North America; Panama, San José and Santo Domingo, in Central America and the Caribbean, and Quito, Guayaquil, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile, in South America.

Raffoul Arab, manager of the Tocumen Airport, reported that this Friday it is starting with 18 flights; 12 in and 6 out of Toucumen International Airport, with an approximate of 1,000 passengers in transit and 730 leaving the country to other destinations. "We are optimistic that this will increase over time and that Panama and Tocumen can position themselves as what it is: a hub of the Americas," said Arab.

It was noted that Panamanian citizens and foreigners resident may be permitted to enter these destinations, but they will only be allowed to return to Panama on flights previously authorized by the Government. Nationals or foreigners who are currently in other countries and are in the process of returning home, must comply with the requirements issued by the Ministry of Health, among which is the presentation of a negative swab test to the virus; applied 48 hours before arrival. Also, complying with the 14-day quarantine.