Panama begins reopening as coronavirus infection rate drops

Panama announced plans to begin a phased reopening Wednesday May 13th including e-commerce, mechanical workshops and fishing, after slowing the spread of coronavirus.

Panama’s economic reopening will take place in six phases, phase 1 currently underway, the next phase will depending on several factors such as virus transmission, and economic impact, said Commerce Minister Ramon Martínez.

Saturday May 16th 2020 men received their third day back after Saturday was deemed a day of total quarantine leading up to Semana Santa. 

Mayors were also asked to follow suit with the partial lifting of the dry law, that was carried out in Panama City. Citizens are now permitted to buy one 6 pack of beer, one bottle of liquor or wine throughout the country. 

The Panamanian president took to Twitter, to urge continued caution. President Laurentino Cortizo said, “Let’s not let our guard down and let’s comply with sanitary measures,” adding, “This is everyone’s responsibility.”

With that the president also announced that citizens would be allowed to leave their homes to exercise starting Monday May 18th. Masks should be warn and social distancing should be practiced. The permission is to be during the designated hour to leave the house based on the last number of your ID, and it is only permitted to be within a 1km radius of home. It was made clear that Sunday remains a day for total quarantine. 

Health Minister Rosario Turner said Panama was in a position to start a slow reopening as it has managed to hold its contagion rate close to 1 and attained a case fatality rate of 2.8 %, below the world average of 7%.

Currently there have been/are 9,449 cases of covid-19 in the country of Panama with 64.3% clinically recuperated, 181 new cases and 269 deaths. Source: La Prensa Sunday May 17th 2020

Although the number of cases is high for a nation of 4.1 million, Turner said its stable health system is not in danger of collapse.

The government said there are still no definite date to reopen other sectors, leaving informal worker out of work for the time being.