First case of  Covid-19 in Panama

The first case of Covid-19 in Panama has been confirmed by the Health Minister, and the President via his Twitter account. The 40-year-old Panamanian woman arrived in Panama from Madrid.

According to Health Minister Turner, the woman arrived in Panama Sunday afternoon on Iberia flight 6339. Since no screening was in place for people arriving from Spain, it was not detected that she arrived with a fever and cough. 

A Positive confirmation that the patient has the coronavirus was provided to the authorities by the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies at about 7:00 pm on Monday. The health minister’s press conference was held shortly after 8:30 pm as authorities worked to test those who came in contact with the woman. 

With the first case of Coronavirus in Panama the minister announced that Panama will go from the "containment phase to a mitigation phase of the virus."