Panama back in school still without SexEd plan

The Panamanian school year started yesterday Monday March 2 2020, and after 5 years, Panama’s education system still lacks a Sexual Education plan.

The ministry of education explained it is possible that at the end of the month the pilot plan "Sexual and Affective Education Guidelines" will be applied in a small sample of public schools.

La Prensa reports that the guide seek to distribute knowledge about the human body as well as information on emotional relationships. According to Meduca teachers will be trained to apply the guides. 

According to Meduca , the guides were validated with the “Senniaf, the Ministries of Health and Social Development, National Women’s Institute, Social Security Fund, Panamanian Alliance for Life and Family, groups of parents, Pastoral Education of the Catholic Church, teachers, supervisors and technical staff of Meduca ”.

This year, artist Beatriz Flores unveiled a sculpture on the Cinta Costera with the goal of drawing attention to teenage pregnancy.