The Las Mañanitas Fire

A fire in Las Mañanitas, took 150 members of Panama’s Fire department over 5 hours to fight, and resulted in an evacuation for residents of the Villa Daniela neighborhood Friday June 8.

Director of the Panamanian Fire Department, Jaime Villar, explained the fire was difficult to fight, of 10 bays 7 were engulfed by the flames. One thing that contributed to the spread of the fire was the combustible material like plastic, cardboard liquid fuel which was being stored in buildings. 

Villar also noted some problem the large team of firefighters encountered including the problem of water, according to the statement none of the hydrants has a significant amount of pressure. Among the rescue team were 4 tankers, 8 fire trucks, 2 ambulances and 2 rescue cars. 

Currently the fire investigation team is deducting what produced the large-scale incident.