Security minister against routine checkpoints

Security Minister, Rolando Mirones spoke out against the implementation of routine police checks Friday, news that has some foreigners rejoicing.

The statement from the new security minister under the Cortizo administration implied that police checkpoints would not be a focus of the National Police force, as Mirones offered a disapproving opinion of the routine police checkpoints, which were common under the Varela administration. Following the announcement some expats expressed via social media feeling of relief, stating checkpoints were becoming an daily annoyance. Other expressed their understanding for checkpoints, saying it helps crack down on crime. 

However, Mirones stated that police should be in their vehicles and motorcycles patrolling, not stopping cars in routine checkpoints. The only cause for a checkpoint, he stated would be  in the case of a robbery or kidnapping, in that case a checkpoint makes sense, since it can help identify the person who committed the crime. 

Mirones also acknowledged a challenge to ensure police officers are armed with the knowledge to protect themselves and the population physically and tactically. Furthermore he spoke to the matter of ethics stating training must occur for the National Police force to acquire the "ethical values" needed to fight crime. 

Rolando Mirones said that under his management he will do everything possible to ensure the installation of 2,500 cameras in Panama City. He also spoke about the use of artificial intelligence, to help with monitoring of the video surveillance system.