Cortizo working on Secondary Education

President elect, Nito Cortizo obtained his doctorate in International Trade from the University of Texas, now he is working with the prestigious American university on scholarship programs.

Cortizo and representatives of the University of Texas in the United States sat down to discuss granting master’s and post-graduate scholarships to Panamanian students, along with the programs that would aim to assist teachers and research in area of science and technology, and offer support in logistics areas.

In a statement they explained that by the end of the year these agreements will be signed. Along with the international programs, the promotion of entrepreneurship will take place nationally at the City of Knowledge where professors of the Business School (McCombs School of Business) will join in the efforts to improve secondary education in the country.

Cortizo explained in the meetings that the connectivity between Panama and other countries will be used to offer students from those foreign region access to training in Panama. With this, Cortizo aims to promote Panama as a regional study center.