Panama’s response to situation in Venezuela

Vice president of Panama, Isabel De Saint Malo de Alvarado, expressed her support for the Venezuelan people and "for the return to democracy" in the wake of clashes across the country.

With expected street demonstrations set to take place Wednesday May 1 2019, in Venezuela, the Panamanian diplomat affirmed and signed in her personal account yesterday saying, "the time has come to redouble efforts in support of the Venezuelan people for the early return to democracy." 

The statement was in response to the events that took place on Tuesday, including opposition leader Juan Guaidó calling for for the military to remove Maduro from power. 

According to the Washington Post protests left dozens injured, and a 25-year-old man dead from the use of rubber bullets. At least 119 people were detained Tuesday across the country (Foro Penal). 

In a televised address Maduro called the event “foolish and failed coup instigated by the United States", promising a response. 

As part of the Lima Group, Panama has not recognized Maduro since he took office last January following elections in which the opposition did not participate due to lack of guarantees.