Panama 2nd happiest country in Gallup poll

The results for the Gallup Global Emotions poll are in and Panama has ranked the second happiest country out of 143 nations.

Each year Gallup asked adults in 143 countries if they have experienced five positive feelings. This year, at least seven out of ten people globally reported experiencing enjoyment (71%), being well-rested (72%), smiling or laughing (74%) and felt like they were treated with respect (87%).

This year globally fewer reported learning something new or doing something interesting the day before the interview, less than half of the world (49%). However this percentage was not true for Panama, 75% Panamanians report experiencing something interesting, making them the highest rank in this area. 

This year Latin American Countries continue to lead the world in positive experiences, with Paraguay ranking the highest, Panama second and Guatemala third. The single country outside this region that made the most positive list was Indonesia, which has appeared in the top group since 2017.

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