Varela CNN interview

In a recent interview with CNN’s Rafael Romo, president Varela spoke about the upcoming elections on May 5th in Panama explaining Panama has built a democracy and elections will be transparent.

Juan Carlos Varela, touched on several subject with Romo, including his belief that public and foreign investments are a catalyst to create jobs he also emphasized importance to continue educational programs and policies.

President Varela stressed that Panama is a democratic country, and that the upcoming election would reflect that.

In another part of the interview Varela stated "justice in Panama is independent", a statement that was in response to the allegation from former president Ricardo Martinelli, claiming Varela was interfering with the judicial system of Panama to keep him behind bars.

"To say that is not correct, here in Panama justice is independent [...] the best proof is that even my party’s authorities have been prosecuted, my relatives have been prosecuted during my administration," Varela responded.