Panama Grounds Boeing 737 Max 9

As of Wednesday Copa Airlines in Panama grounded all Boeing’s 737 planes, using other planes to make up the flights.

Boeing’s 737 Max 8 have been in the news following the crash of one of the jets in Ethiopia on Sunday.

Data gathered from a combination of government announcements, airline announcements, local press reports and information from the aviation site March 13, 2019, helped to give a better idea of who was flying the 737 Max 8, and who was not. 

In North America airlines that had grounded the plane were: Air Canada, Aeromexico, Cayman Airways, Copa Airlines of Panama (Max 9s only), Sunwing Airlines of Canada and WestJet of Canada. 

After the U.S. moved to ensure the planes were grounded American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines (Max 9s only) followed suit.