Panama 2019 Inflation Rate

The inflation rate in Panama in January 2019 compared to December 2018 registered an inter-annual variation of -0.3%.

The figures released yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics and Census of the General Comptroller’s Office (INEC) show a significant decrease of 1.3% in transportation and 0.8% in housing, water, electricity and gas. Furthermore, a decrease of 0.3% in education and 0.1% in alcoholic beverages and some foods, along with communications. 

The report released by INEC explains that the most significant drop in price reflected in the transport sector has a direct correlation with the decrease in price of fuel and lubricants for personal transport equipment. 

On the other hand, the housing, water, electricity and gas group presented a drop with the greatest variation being in electricity, largely due to a reduction in the electricity tax. 

As for foods,  the greatest variation was among fruits with a decrease of 3.5%.

On the other hand there were some groups with a positive variation. These groups include, alcoholic beverages and tobacco with a 0.7% increase, restaurants and hotels with 0.3% increase, clothing and footwear, and health, both with 0.1%.