Panama makes history in Caribbean Series

Panama has not played in the Caribbean Series since February 14, 1960, but now their back, and making history.

Panama started off the games by defeating the Dominican Republic 4-2 with authority.  The Panamanian victory continued when February 7th Panama took on Puerto Rico in an electrifying duel, in which Panama made an epic comeback and managed win 8-7. A win that would make Panama undefeated in the Caribbean Series of baseball.

Of course the stadium went crazy. The Panama’s victory was not just a surprising and exciting event for the locals, it is a huge positive for sport of baseball in the country. 

Panama showed up to the ball as Cinderella, picking up Venezuela’s glass slipper by chance, and now, after defeating two of the world’s power houses in baseball, Panama is back. 

 Regardless of whether they win or lose their next match-ups against Cuba and Venezuela, Panama has made their return to the Little Latin American World Series, a spot that might be more permanent, rather than an exceptional emergency.

This is something that is good baseball lovers, tourism, and the Panamanian spirit.