President Varela inaugurates IKAKOS Solar Park

President Juan Carlos Varela took part in the inaugural ceremony for the IKAKOS solar park February 1st 2019, in David Chiriqui.

This important investment to Panama was made by a company owned by former president of the United States, Bill Clinton.

President Varela said "this consortium is leading the transformation of the energy sector in Panama. Along with "the Laudato Sí Wind Farm, the largest in Central America and the Caribbean, located in the city of Penonomé, province of Coclé."

"It is important to highlight that with this project we are expanding the matrix energy of Panama, which allows us to meet the electricity demand of approximately 30,000 families”, added Varela.

According to the estimates made by the consortium, this solar park represents, to date, a nominal capacity of 40 MWac and an annual generated energy of 84.58 GWh. IKAKOS has 4 plants of 10MWAC and 138,960 solar panels that together have a nominal power of 40 MWAC. Its construction required an investment of more than 48 million dollars, which included, in addition to the project, social works for the community and reforestation of the area.

Former President Clinton said, that Panama and its neighbor Costa Rica have given themselves the opportunity to show the world that they can grow in a sustainable way, generating energy and, through this, create jobs that help people pay their bills.

The Interenergy Consortium focuses on the generation of renewable energies, through the combination of three technologies; wind, solar and hydraulic in passing, with the objective of guaranteeing the energy supply is 100% Renewable.