Panama to host Caribbean Series of Baseball

The Confederation of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean (CBPC) announce that Panama will host the Caribbean Series.

After the announcement that the event would be withdrawn from Venezuela, it was revealed that Panama would become the new host of the baseball event. 

Last week, the U.S. government and Major League Baseball sent advised against travel to Venezuela in the wake of the violent protests, as Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido each lay claim to power.

With this in mind, the leagues collectively known as the Caribbean Federation, held an emergency meeting to determine the new host, or if they would cancel it all together. Three days later, Panama was named the new host. 

The tournament typically features the winter league champions from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Venezuela, however this year Panama will integrate the Toros de Herrera the champions of the Probeis league which will be reinforced with other players. 

The event will take place from February 4th until the 10th 2019. The event will be held at the Roc Carew Stadium in Panama City.