The Panama games 2022

The Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (Odecabe) has asked Panama to send and update on the organization of the Central American and Caribbean Games.

The request comes at a time where the committee is analyzing whether it should look for a new host for this event.

In an extensive letter, the Odecabe reminded Copan (Organizing Committee of the Panama Games 2022) about the payments owed. The outstanding payments are for an amount of for $160,000. There are also another $240,000 in future payments the country will need to honor to get the games. 

On copy the letter spoke to the president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, and details that in November he met with Mayor José Isabel Blandón and the director of Pandeportes, Mario Pérez, who was warned that "Copan was violating the agreement with Odecabe, especially when it comes to payments receivable. "

"All the government agencies assured me that these would be disbursed in a matter of days, unfortunately I have been informed that we have not received these payments yet and that the funds promised to Copan to support the organization and operation of their affairs have not been paid either", explains an extract of the statement, which bears the signature of the president of Odecabe, Steve Stoute.

The letter ends with a request for confirmation of whether accounts receivable will be paid by the end of February 2019.