Pope arrives in Panama critical of Trump’s wall

The Pope has arrived in Panama and before even touching down on Panamanian soil, the pope has made statements rejecting the initiative of the US president Trump.

While he did not speak about the current situations in Venezuela or Nicaragua, Pope Francis did speak about the United States, and Trump’s wall. Considering the initiative [a wall on the U.S. Mexico border] appeals "to the fear that drives us crazy" he said. 

The remark was made to a journalist on board who had recently been covering the situation only half an hour into the 12-hour flight. The pope arrived in Panama15 minutes earlier than estimated at the Tocumen International Airport where he was greeted by President Juan Carlos Varela and the first lady, Lorena Castillo de Varela. 

The pope left the airport in a car, but when he reached more populated areas he climbed the Popemobile and for seven kilometers greeted the crowd.

It is estimated that over one hundred thousand young people from 156 countries are currently in Panama to see the Pope, along with local Panamanians.