Panama to host World Summit on Medicinal Cannabis

This year brings the first World Summit on Medicinal Cannabis, from February 12 to 13 and guest who’s hosting it? Panama.

Panama City’s Hotel Central in Casco Viejo will invite world leaders in medicinal cannabis to tackle the topics most relevant to the industry including, agricultural technology and innovation, business and finance, politics and regulation and of course, science and medicine.

Latin America is starting to open their doors and minds to the concept of medicinal cannabis and with that also seeing the monetary benefits the industry could provide. According to a study carried out by Prohibition Partners, the local cannabis market is expected to generate $ 12.7 trillion in 2028 while medical cannabis is estimated to generate $ 8.5 trillion in a decade.

The World Summit on Medicinal Cannabis is an event hosted by CannaTech. The event aims to bring together industry leaders and share knowledge and innovative.