Young American drowned in Pedasí

Gregory Johan Schreiber, 26, a native of Florida, lost his life by immersion on the afternoon of this Sunday, December 30, on the coast of the district of Pedasí, province of Los Santos

The young man, who lived on Calle Estudiante, in Pedasí, was aboard the Niño Josep boat and was diving. The captain of the ship, realizing that he was not coming back to the surface, went to the port of El Ciruelo in search of two divers with oxygen tanks.

The divers found Schreiber submerged about 115 feet deep.

The victim was transferred to the boat, from Los Frailes del Ciruelo de Pedasí to the port of El Ciruelo de Pedasí, township of Oria in the Pedasí district.

The authoritie  in Pedasí María Bazán ordered the removal of the corpse.