DGI extends hours for tax payment

The Directorate General of Revenues (DGI) has issued an extension, announcing that their facilities will be open to taxpayers until January 4th 2019.

This extension will allow people additional days to pay their taxes and submit their reports that were previously due December 31, 2018, said the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), in a statement.

’’This measure will allow taxpayers who come to the tax administration office to carry out their procedures more comfortably to benefit from the property tax moratorium by canceling the capital owed, with the benefit of excluding the payment of interest and surcharges, provided that it is that they have canceled the total amount due, before January 4, 2019’’

During the extension of these working days at the DGI, the taxpayer can also perform the procedures to avail themselves of the moratorium without surcharges and fines, for non-payment of the single rates of private interest companies and foundations.

The fees of the Social Security Fund generated by independent taxpayers who have declared fees for professional services, without interest, may also be canceled.