Youth from Curundú turned into Police

The young man who kicked an older man in the head December 22nd in the area of Curundú has been identified and turned in to the National Police.

A video of the attack is what lead to the young man’s capture. that circulated on Twitter, shows a young man jumping and kicking an older man in the head while he was walking on one of the streets of Curundú. The blow to the head left the man noticeable injured lying on the ground.

The minor who was a member of the University Sports Club and resident of Curundú. He was handed over yesterday to the police substation of the area, after the mediation of his parents, who were contacted by the National Police.

The case will be investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to determine charges. 

For its part, the University Sports Club reported through a statement that the child would be banned indefinitely from the team, but that they will support him in his rehabilitation.