Martinelli desists from running with Rioux

Martinelli , detained in El Renacer jail, desisted from running as a candidate for vice president to Rómulo Roux in the May 2019 elections.

"I thank Rómulo Roux for having considered me as vice president,"  wrote  Martinelli, which is  presently v being investigated for spying on communications on at least 150 people.

He said it is better to join the CD with "José Raúl Mulino or José Muñoz or José Domingo Arias". And said that he will seek to run as a candidate for mayor of the capital and deputy.

The Roux campaign reported on December 12 that, "convinced that the unity of the collective is the way to consolidate the electoral victory of CD", Roux "could integrate  Martinelli in his presidential formula."

In the opinion of the former magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal Guillermo Márquez Amado, that aspiration would be "a mockery" of the Constitution.

According to him, the candidacy would violate Article 178 of the Magna Carta, which establishes that both the President of the Republic and his Vice President, can not be elected to these positions in the two presidential periods immediately following each other..

The note which was post dated December 18th: